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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Lee, Apr 14, 2005.

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    Windows Update KB893066 (4/12/05) breaks the old SP2 TCP Slowdown Fix, if you had the old one installed or recently installed KB893066, you will need to download a new one and repatch.

    This patch allows 50 concurrent TCP connect attempts instead of the usual 10 allowed by Windows XP SP2.

    Download: Here (Version 2.12)
    News source:
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    Awesome Lee. I havn't needed more than 10 yet.... but I use the 'concurrent' sessions tweak all the time. Much easier to handle people using my beast to check their email and of course inadvertantly attempt to install spyware while I'm working. They don't interrupt my RD connection. ;)

    It's fun to see two users as 'Active' in Task Manager.
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    Been looking for the x64 version of this :eek:
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    Why is the title making it seem like this patch is from Microsoft?

    The title for the KB article refered to in the title of this thread says "Vulnerabilities in TCP/IP could allow remote code execution and denial of service" and not that Microsoft has released a patch to remove TCP/IP restrictions that were put into place with SP2 in the TCP/IP stack.

    People should know that this is a third party patch that breaks this restriction and is NOT from or approved by Microsoft.
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    Well the link I posted for the XP64 is direct from Microsoft.

    And this is the link for XP SP1 and SP2 direct from Microsoft.

    And the date of this "update" is 04/11/05, not 04/12/05 as in Lee's post. Starting to make me wonder.
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    I just copied and pasted, lazy arse is me!