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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Mac1, Jul 16, 2003.

  1. Mac1

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    Hi all
    I am thinking of running Windows Server2003 on my computers but would like advice if this is a good move, can anyone help with these ouestions. at the moment I am running XP pro sp1 and a duel boot of 2000 pro sp3/Me.
    1 could I setup a duel boot with it,
    2 which one is the best to go for, I was thinking of Windows 2003 Enterprise Server RTM,
    3 what is the atvantages if any,
    4 do I need any special programs to run on it, or will my programs for XP Pro be ok, like Nav 2003 ect.
    or am I just daft, "don't answer that one" he-he
    thanks for any help.
    see ya
  2. Mac1

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    If you read my post again you will see that I asked for advice, NOT to be accused of something, which I would never think of including in a reply to your post, and find very offensive. for your information I am thinking of setting up a network and just want advice if Win Server would be a good choice, or which one should I go for. again advice is all I ask for hopefully?.
    see ya
  3. Smith

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    Hey's advice :p

    1. Yes.
    2. Do you want all the features possible or just what will suit your needs?
    3. More features for the System Administrator = Higher prices.
    4. Some XP software will not run on Server 2003. This includes Anti-Virus software. Norton 7.0/Norton 8.0+/2002-2003 Professional Corporate series of anti-virus products will run on server 2003.
  4. Heeter

    Heeter Overclocked Like A Mother

    I also would like to point out that Java is not included WinServ2003, and even adding Java Virtual Machine after is not giving me the results in pulling up web pages that one is normally associated with other OS'es.

  5. Mac1

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    Thanks to all for the advice, I think I am going to have to get more information before I embark on my project. eg: about the java thing, anti-virus and which services I need.
    This is the one I was thinking about, Windows Server 2003 Enterprise
    to Enyo thanks for saying your not out to offend, maybe I do tend to react quick when I think I'm being accused of something, maybe it would be best to not include comments like that, just a though.
    nuff of that
    again thanks to all for your input.
  6. RabidPenguin

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    With Enterprise you get support for things like more CPU's, more memory and the ability to Cluster. Unless you are running a very large network then this is not a good choice for you. The Standard version will be more than enough.
  7. Azzuron

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    My advice is to use Linux for server uses. I find it to be very decent to setup, and the cost is perfect. is a good place to go to try out a highly optimizable edition of the linux os. Its got awesome portage system for installing optimized software for your computer. Right now the main thing im thinking the linux server wont really be able to do is exchange. I dont know if there is any exchange like applications for linux, if anyone knows any please let me know! :D
  8. bid

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    Talking about Windows 2003... I was trying out the Enterprise edition at work and I noticed that downloads or uploads on 100Mbps lines doesn't go beyond approximately 200Kbps?

    It's very annoying when transferring huge project files.. does anyone know of ways around this? or something like that?
  9. RabidPenguin

    RabidPenguin Guest

    1. The speed reading the downloads window gives you is not accurate.

    2. You are never going to get full speed. It is going to be sending packets out to other people not just you. Even if you are the only one connected you ae still not goin gto get full bandwidth. There is overhead that you have to take into account.
  10. bid

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    But I used to be able to upload files at 1MBps when the server had Windows 2000 AdvServer running. Now it kinda caps off at 200KBps.
  11. Tinker

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    So Mac are you saying that you are thinking of paying $850 for an O.S. and 5 clients? Of course if you are going to have more that 5 clients it will cost more....:rolleyes:

    And that is just the Standard edition, add another $1,000 for Enterprise.......

    Come on Enyo is just stating the obvouis....