Windows MP8 Is EVIL

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by The1930sRust, Jun 21, 2002.

  1. The1930sRust

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    I'm upset I can't watch DVDs on windows media player and that I'm expected to buy an extra codec. I am also upset that I need to do the same to rip MP3s. Yeah I know there is freeware. I dont care. I upgraded from ME which had WinDVD on it now I can't use it anymore because the disc was part of my system recovery and it doesnt accept this as an hp computer anymore. I also cant believe no one has made codecs for these for free??? How silly, someone do it. Windows Media Player isnt that bad, I just want DVD & MP3 support.
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    There are tons of free downloads for windows regarding DVD codec's, players and the like. And yes WMP8 is evil, I just deleted it. It sucks terribly and the Windows MP8 format for everything just isn't up to par.
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    WMP is junk-Go web attack and pick out a freebie dvd player and what ever else you want and then add it to your fav. list and you will be a happy PC user. I have 3 P-4 systems running diff operating sys and I use power DVD on them all and don't have a problem.
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    charming but everything else is sucky and ugly... I cant tell the difference between 320kbps and 96kbps most of the music I listen to isnt trance moby or whatever the hell requires that much... WMP is pretty and I WANT SOME DAMN DVD CODECS LETS GO !!!!!
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    I Suggest you call Mr. Bill Gates and tell him how much you love his hunk of junk and I'm sure he'll be more than happy to provide you with what you need.