Windows Messenger Problem?!!?!?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by LoRdNiTrO, Oct 27, 2002.

  1. LoRdNiTrO

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    Windows Messenger Problem....

    Welp got a problem, and i can't seem to solve it, so here i am.

    Problem is in Windows Messenger ..i can send a file to contacts, but when a contact trys to send me something it fails.. and i have had them try diff. files, just to be sure.. Anyone else have this problem??? if so how did you solve it???

    :confused: HELP ME PLS!!!

    OS: Windows XP PRo - Service Pack installed
  2. Kuja

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    is he behind a router, or firewall? that could be the problem.....
  3. LoRdNiTrO

    LoRdNiTrO Guest

    nope.. not firewall...cable modem to cable modem!
  4. dayle

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    when you make a new connection in xp it by default enables the inbuilt firewall ..right click on your connection in your systray.go to properties > advanced and uncheck the firewall option ..if its unchecked already from your side tell you friend to check it at his end