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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by V12Kid, Feb 17, 2002.

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    I have tried to rip songs from CD's in media player and it works fine except foe the face that it wont let adjust the output quality to 128. The slider where you can adjust it does not let me. ANyone know what im talking about? Is there is a fix somewhere to let me rip at higher qualities?

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    Personnally, I don't use WMP8 to rip cd's, but rather Creative's PlayCenter 2.52 that handles it perfectly and lets you adjust to 192 k/s and higher.
    That might not answer your query, unless you own a SBLive card or above...
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    WindowsXP media player by default does not allow you to rip at 128 and higher, you need the media player bonus pack or you can just download the registry entry from the download section of this site. it will allow you uo rip at higher rates
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    I (just!) purchased and downloaded one of said plugins...I previously had lots of .wav's on my hard I am TRYING VERY HARD to figure out how to convert my .wav's to .mp3 format!!!!! I'm supposed to be able to according to the Intervideo's website but for the life of me I can't find the path to success in WMP!! Help, please???

    Also, if I want to make audio CD (old fashioned kind, heh, that plays in any CD player) does WMP do a conversion back if I use it to create an audio CD? If not, am I screwed and do I have to buy another piece of software to do this with? Any suggestions? Thanks ever so ever.
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    Change the bitrate of the mp3 recording
    Assuming you can rip MP3s using WMA (must have the mp3 addon pack or use some other codec, ask me for more details if you don't know what I'm talking about)

    Follow These Steps:
    Start::::> run:::> regedit::::>find the following key: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\MediaPlayer


    Edit the rates to the way you like:
    320 Kbps = dword:0004e200
    256 Kbps = dword:0003e800
    224 Kbps = dword:00036b00
    192 Kbps = dword:0002ee00
    160 Kbps = dword:00027100
    128 Kbps = dword:0001f400
    112 Kbps = dword:0001b580
    64 Kbps = dword:0000fa00
    56 Kbps = dword:0000dac0

    hope that helps...

    I didn't buy any of those plug-ins but according to MS website they claim to be able to support High Performance Audio CD Burning. You might want to check with them ;-)

    WAV to MP3, if you do not mind using another software, I would recommend CDex it's free and does the requested job.
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    I'd recommend you look into getting a good cd-ripper like audiocatalyst or such. and a burner such as nero can convert back and forth on the fly when you burn a cd. As for converting the wavs you already have I personally liked my command line encoders heh but i'm a linux bitch :p but there are plenty of nice ones with easy to use GUI's like mp3studio