Windows Media Player 9 Always Full Screen on loadup :(

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Alex_is_Axel, Jul 4, 2003.

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    Goodafternoon everyone,

    Im having problems with my Media Player 9 application. When i select an mpg file or an avi file or anything relating to opening wmp9, when wmp9 opens, it fills the screen. I try to shrink it so that it fitts the top left hand corner but when i close it and open it again, it still goes full screen. Im using screen resolution 1280x1024 so the screen resolution isnt a problem. Any ideas why it keeps maximizing? is there a registry value i can change or something? im using Windows XP Professional

    Thank you for your help and time

    Sincerly Alex:cool:
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    try right-clicking on the windows media player icon and go to properties and select normal window. might work.