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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by silky62678, Mar 26, 2003.

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    Does anyone know when i play a file avi file in media player 8, i get the blue screen of death. Some times it reboots by itself, but mostly in media player 8. Then when i restart one of my harddrives doesnt show in the BIOS. I have open the box, unplug the HD and plug it back up to see it in the BIOS? Could this be a issue with the bios or the power supply?
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    Is this one AVI or all AVI. If only one the file may be corrupted. If all the AVI's do it you have a bad codec or a bad media player install.

    If you have been installing downloadable codecs uninstall them. If not try a uninstall and reinstall media player.
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    Do you have a CD burner? If not, check to see if WMP has the Adaptec CD Burner plugin installed. If it does, uninstall it.

    A lot of times, WMP will install this codec even though you don't have a CD burner. This usually results in BSODs while playing CDs or watching movies.