Windows ME freezes after removing the USB Broadband cable.

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Simes, Apr 4, 2003.

  1. Simes

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    Well, there it is folks.

    The subject heading is fairly well self explanatory. I have to remove the NTLWorld BroadBand cable while wishing for the laptop to remain usable, but upon removing it, everything freezes and I get a MSqvbr something or other in the CtrlAltDel box that says it is not responding.

    Is there someway I can configure the system so I can safely remove the cable without causing me to have to completely shut down and restart?

    Many thanks in advance all.
  2. rettahc

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    This just sounds like ME doing what ME does best.

    Sometimes there is an thigy in the systemtray that you use to shut down devices before you remove them. Or try going into the device manager and disabling it before you unplug.
  3. Simes

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    Cheers for that.

    There isn't any such icon in the system tray - that was my first port of call.

    I have looked in Device Manager and there doesn't seem to be any icon I can drag down to the tray. There is however a button for, Disable in this Hardware profile. That seems a bit drastic to me though and seems more permanent than temporary.

    Do you have any obvious things to try such as finding the icon to disable in much the same way as you can with Norton in that it remains there and can just as easily be re-enabled?

  4. Simes

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    MSGSRV32 not responding.

    Further to the above, the error message I get is;

    MSGSRV32 not responding.

    Does anyone know what that is and how it can be rectified.

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    well, only thing i can come up with, which is probably wrong, is going by what could be a few abbreviations in that message. all i can get out of MSGSRV is Microsoft Server, which probably ain't the case no matter what. all i have to say is... get rid of Windows ME. has to be the biggest mistake i've seen. Windows 98 and 98 second edition were bad. Windows ME was practically considered Windows 98 3rd edition, just with a more catchy name since it came out close to the new millenium.