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  1. Can anyone give me a brief explanation of this? For the life of me I cannot understand the technical explanations I find when doing a Google search.

    I've always taken it for granted that you need Windows Management Instrumentation enabled, and set to "automatic" in Services. Even blkviper recommends keeping it set to automatic (and he disables just about everything).

    However, SiSoft Sandra suggested I shut it off as one of its tips peculiar to my system. So I did. So far I've experienced no ill effects.

    So what gives with this service? Do you need it or not? Is there a comprehensible description for it for dummies like me? Does it have anything to to with the "wbem" folder in WINDOWS?
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    This is what it says in the Services panel:

    "If this service is stopped, most Windows-based software will not function properly."

    I'd be careful if I were you. :)
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    Hi Bold

    If it works & you want to do it
    Then do it

    anybody else I'd tell them dont bother
    one day you'll want to use some obscure function in XP
    & it wont work

    but knowing you Bold I think you thrive on things going wrong


    As for SiSoftware Sandra
    Dont believe everything you read

    It gave me a Pagefile warning.... ME a warning :eek:


    :p :p :p