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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by rem1x6, Aug 29, 2005.

  1. rem1x6

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    I have a:

    Maxtor 160 GB HD Primary
    Segate 160 GB HD Slave

    My maxtor has my OS on in and when i went to reformat my computer about 1n hour ago i unplugged the Segate which was my slave becuase i thought JUST IN CASe it might reformat that one too, just to be on the safe side, well anyways, i didn't change the jumpers nothing, now that my computer is reformated, it doesn't see my Segate. It worked before on my OS before i just reformated it, i reformated plugged it in and BOOM! nothing shows. My computer sees that its there, but in My Computer its not there. Bios says that its there, but in Disk Management in Administrative tools it says that its there but its not reading it. My segate is set as slave but i have no idea why its not comming up as an expanded hard drive =/. Im installing SP1 as im writing this forum, but is it maybe becuase i dont 'have any SP's installed yet? I don't kno but i have some important things on this Segate HD and i don't kno hwo to access it. The computer sees that its there but its not showing it in windows. soon its gonna be Gun meet Hard drive, Hard drive meet gun =/
  2. paul2-0-0-2

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    Theres one thing you do and it will show up but i forgot what it was i know you right click on the drive in magment and click something else and it should come up

    Mark Partition as Active think thats the one :up:
  3. LordOfLA

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    add a driver letter to it :p
  4. egghead

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    sp1will enable xp to view hard drives over 128gig

    installing sp1 should allow you to view the contents of the second ard drive.


    did you format your install drive?

    i'm thinking that there is a good possability that it is partition by xp as 128.

    You will need to use an xpsp1 install or use the manufacters partitioning software and then install xp leaving partition alone.

    if the 1st drive is now 128 you shouls still be able to create a partition with the remaining space after installing sp1 or 2
  5. Android412

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    SATA MB drivers?

    That was my prob about two days ago with missing HD
  6. LordOfLA

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    its nothing to do with capacity or drivers.

    its windows hasnt assigned a drive letter to it is all.

    right click the drive in disk management and choose change/add drive letter
    then add one.