WINDOWS folder in Recycle Bin

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by michellecz42085, Dec 13, 2003.

  1. This has been happening for a while, usually when I restart it'll go away but it's a real pain in the ass nonetheless.

    My recycle bin will show that there is something in it but when I open it, nothing will be showing. If I click empty recycle bin it'll ask me, "Are you sure you want to delete 'WINDOWS'?"
    I don't know if its effing with me; I'm too scared to see what'll happen if I say yes.

    I've run virus scans and such and everything looks clean.
    Is this just some kind of glitch or what?
  2. Cosmin

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    Sounds like a virus ; I'm sure that the reality is nearly maybe deleting some important files on system ..
    When RB is not empty the same message appears on cleaning up ?
  3. NLM

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    Hmm. I swear someone else was having this problem too. Not sure what ever happened. :eek:
  4. thebear

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    either that or his computer wants to commit suicide :rolleyes:
  5. If I have one "real" thing in the Recycle Bin and I click Empty Recycle Bin it will bring up the Confirm Multiple File Delete box. Then I think, hmm, there is only one thing in there, I open it up, see only the real thing, and delete that manually. Then it'll still show that there is something in there, which is the elusive 'WINDOWS' folder.
    Who knows really, I could have deleted that 'WINDOWS' folder (or whatever it really is) many times and not even known it.

    I have no clue.

    Maybe my computer is suicidal.
  6. sboulema

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    sounds like a problem with windows washer. windows washer is known to cause this bug....
  7. Corvette

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    Or maybe somebody is pulling a prank on you! Maybe someone made a folder called windows and put it in the Recycle Bin. If that folder was really in the recycle bin, Why would Windows still be working?
  8. ste_w

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    i had that wen i opend my Recycle bin it sed the same, but when i clicked on its file size it was like 4kb, so if i clicked Restore Folder it asked me to replace the windows folder i just clicked no. Deleted it from recycle bin. No PRoblems. It May be the same thing happening to you, Check the Size of the file. Dont Blame me tho if it is actually your Proper Windows Folder lol