Windows Explorer - Why does SINGLE-click expand? I want SINGLE-click to select!

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by jww13, May 5, 2002.

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    in windows explorer i have the folder options set for "Single-click" (it says single-click to select, double-click to expand), but it always expands on a single-click.. how do i fix this? i know it's possible to make single-click just select the folder b/c i have done it before.. but i can't remember how I did it

    thanks guys
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    There is no notable difference if I choose double-click. Currently it's set to single-click and a single click will select and expand the folder. I wish it wouldn't expand the folder unless I double-click. Also I want it to collapse if I double-click as well (if it's expanded).

    Before I formatted it was like this, I don't remember how I set it that way. :/
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    Yes that's what I did but single-click expands the folder still. I don't know why. Does yours not expand it????
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    Dude I'm not stupid, I'm choosing the SECOND option. :)

    When I SINGLE-click on a folder (in the left window pane), it selects AND EXPANDS it. I don't want it to EXPAND it when i SINGLE-CLICK. And I want it to COLLAPSE/EXPAND when I DOUBLE-click it.

    Everything I'm talking about is in the LEFT PANE in windows explorer.
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    Dude that's it! Thanks a ton!!!

    You don't know how much it's been annoying me! Thanks for the help :p