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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by bytezboy, Jan 6, 2002.

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    Hi, ok.. I am not sure how to phrase the question but here it goes. You know how in Win98SE when you copy, rename, delete, move a file and after you done it then you go to Windows Explorer then right click and it shows Undo Copy, rename, etc, etc.. and on the bottom of the status bar it shows filename it is but now on XP the geniuses at MS took that out. I can't see what it is going to undo, just shows blank on status bar when you roll your mouse over the Undo thing. Anyone know a way to get it back to what it is?
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    when you are in the windows explorer you are in reality dealing with the exact same interface as internet I thought good point why is that not there..then I remembered!

    when you are in the window you just deleted something on view, then select status bar :)

    it will add the status bar you are familiar with from Internet explorer and when you roll your mouse over the undo button the file name and such will show up in the bar :) I just tested this to make sure it works

    hope that helps :)
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    My status bar is always showing on the bottom, just that when I roll my mouse over Undo xyz it doesn't show anythng on the status bar. I have to go Edit, then Undo xyz then it shows what file(s) are being undone. Right clicking won't show it in XP...and yeah the status bar is showing.