Windows Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by March4Revenge, Mar 17, 2004.

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    What gives - I don't know what I did but all of a sudden I get this error message whenever I open IE or anything having to do with viewing files in windows i.e. my computer, my docs, etc.

    Also, I have google pop-up blocker which was working perfectly but now pop-ups are getting throu all of a sudden.

    Any ideas guys? Do I have spyware or something?

    thank you,

    M4R :D
  2. Reg

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    You most likely do. Try running Ad-aware or Spybot on your computer. That should fix up the problem. BTW, what does the error message say?
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    If you have made any changes, installed a new program that could be the problem. Undo/uninstall any changes. If it is still playing up try doing a system restore.
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    It sounds very similiar to a vx2.dll error my daughter was getting on her Win 98 system. This is what I did to fix it:

    Go to Start -> Run

    Then run regedit (type it into the box)

    Go to the menu "Edit" and use "Find" to search for "VX2.DLL"

    Go to the first key with "VX2.DLL" in it, right click on it, the one on the right side of the window, and delete it. Close the window and get out of regedit. This should fix the problem, you may want to reboot since windows/gates seems to think a reboot is the way to fix all.

    It is my understanding that Spybot S & D removes it - but since my diaghter did not have it installed and I could not access the internet on her machine - I used this mehtod.
  5. March4Revenge

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    Thank guys - much appreciated.

    I ran ad-aware and everything seems to be back in order for now.

    I just have 2 more questions:

    1. Is there a way to have a spyware blocked? Like a program that blocks and prevents spyware and malware from being put into your comp? I think ad-aware just removes it, not actively monitors it right?

    2. A new start-up has appeared in my msconfig under services. It's labeled as "bridge" and "rundll". Anyidea about these ones? Can I or should I get rid of it?