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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by EuphoricIAM, Apr 25, 2003.

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    Hey, this is my first post in a loooong time. The last time I posted this was still at It has a nice new look to it now, I like it. Anyways, to my problem. I created some picture files and put them into a certain folder and I need to get at them now but whenever I go to the folder in windows explorer it crashes and one of those damn error reporting messages appears. I really don't know what the problem is because it all worked before, and I really want to get at these files so if anyone has any info it would be appreciated.
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    Not sure what exactly may be the problem here. Is it just this one folder? Is there anything else in it apart from these pictures, which are .jpg, .psd,...?
    Are you at least a little bit familiar with the command prompt? If so I would try to copy these files from a command window one by one to another folder and see what happens.
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    I was reading through some other posts and I found that some other people have had this problem before. I have to say that the same thing happens to me that did to them, the taskbar and icons on the desktop all disappear. And the files are .gifs, some .zips and a .txt file too. And I am not really all that familiar with the command prompt unfortunately although I'd probably be able to figure it out. Yes it is only that one folder.
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    Ok, I'm pretty sure that this problem has to do with the actual .gif files because I just started formatting the .bmp files that the other .gif files were from into more of the same .gif files but into a different folder, and the same thing happened again.
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    This will probably be the easiest way to use a prompt windows to get to the folder you want to copy. Do this first>

    1. Start Regedit
    2. Go to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT \ Directory \ shell
    3. Create a new key called Command
    4. Give it the value of the name you want to appear in the Explorer. Something like Open Prompt
    5. Under this create a new key called command
    6. Give it a value of " cmd.exe cd %1 " (no quotes)
    7. Now when you are in the Explorer, right click on a folder, select Open DOS Box, and a command prompt will open to the selected directory.

    Now create a new folder somewhere easy to get at. Maybe C:\New Folder.

    Once that is done go to the folder you want to copy & right click on it & choose 'open prompt'.

    From there type this: copy *.* C:\New Folder (enter) It should copy over the files you want. See if you can now access New Folder.
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    Good point Hipster, I would however since the problem seems to be the .gif files, first copy the other files *.zip and *.txt to another location. The gifs are most likely corrupted somehow.

    EuphoricIAM how to you create these gifs, which application, what source?

    Forgot to ask: Can you open the pictures from your image viewer or graphics editor, when you click on file - open?
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    i created these .gifs by transferring .bmp files i had made into .gifs with adobe photoshop...7 i believe. the answer to your second question is no, when i try to open the .gifs with adobe photoshop 7 it closes immediately, which leads to the obvious conclusion that these .gifs are somehow in a hurry so now i must go.