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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Perris Calderon, Apr 13, 2017.

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    The creators update looks pretty good, everyone I've read loves it, but there's a rollout and a wait, no worries, you can jump the line

    That's a Microsoft link to their download tool, not a third party. Follow the very few prompts. you'll be downloading in a couple of seconds

    Make sure you have all your passwords saved, the update will log you out of most sites

    If you go through the prompts, don't start something important, the update doesn't really give you a postpone option once it begins, It looks like they have an easy uninstall if not happy

    Some things I'm looking forward to;

    Gaming mode is worth the upgrade all by itself, it distributes system resources to favor the game over background, sweet

    Privacy dashboard. Ms got some serious heat for taking away privacy settings, the dashboard gives them back, and then some

    Tab tools This is nice, I expect other browsers to follow, tabs in edge will get previews, and you can set your tabs aside for later

    Night light is something I'm going to like, I leave my computer on, this eliminates blue light which they say interferes with sleep

    3d paint looks interesting, I doubt it's as sophisticated as a 3d app but I think I'll have fun

    More control over windows update, now you have more options, you can put off an update, schedule or whatever, I don't think you can turn them off entirely though.

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    I have been using f.lux for just over a year, I am glad to see a native "night light" setting.