Windows couldnot start because........

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by SrfGeK, Feb 2, 2003.

  1. SrfGeK

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    "Windows could not start because of a computer disk hardware configuration problem. Could not read from the selected boot disk, check boot path and disk hardware. Please check the Windows documentation about hardwarwe disk configuration and your hardware reference manuals for addtional information."

    Okay! My problem is I flashed my BIOS to fix a problem.:eek: The upgrade went but when I rebooted to XP Pro I get this message. I have a dual boot system with Win2k and WinXP Pro. I can boot into Win2k with no problem. I view all files on the XP partition. I checked the boot.ini file and it seems ok. I've tried the Recovery Console with the fixboot cmd for the E:, tried Chkdsk and still get the message. Chkdsk did find some errors so I ran it with the /r parameter but nothing changed. The computer posts with no problem and I get to the screen to choose which OS I want, choosing W2k, no problem, choosing XP get the message. Any idea's?

    Tyan Tomcat 2080
    IBM 40gig 120GXP dual boot w2k pro & winxp pro
    512 ram
    Celeron 1.0a
    Maxtor PCI ATA 133 card with Maxtor 40gig ATA 133
  2. rettahc

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    Welcome to the forum:)

    You may want to try doing repair installation.
  3. SrfGeK

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    Thanks. I don't know why I didn't think about that. I know if worst comes to worst I can do as posted at the top but I was hoping for an easy fix. Or should I say an easier fix.:happy:
  4. SrfGeK

    SrfGeK Guest

    Repair didn't work.
  5. SrfGeK

    SrfGeK Guest

    I tried to reinstall XP over the old installation but when it rebooted I got the same error message. Somebody have any ideas on how to solve this problem?
  6. cruiser78

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    you could try doing a clean install... ie. format the XP partition and start from scratch.
  7. SrfGeK

    SrfGeK Guest

    Thanks for the reply. That is my next step. I just tried to use the Recovery Console and fix mbr. It said I had an invalid mbr so I fixed it but same problem.:( . It's funny because all through this I can still boot into w2k. I am getting worried. Not giving up.
  8. SrfGeK

    SrfGeK Guest

    Well have tried to format the drive which seems to have worked but when I try to install XP and it reboots the same message comes up.
    I think I have a problem with the partition. I've tried to fix the MBR and that didn't change anything.
    The partition in now formatted and has part of the installation files for XP on it but I can't boot to it.
    My next step is to try and resize the partition and see if I can get away from what ever is blocking me from booting to it.
  9. RaWShadow

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    goto bios and auto detect your hard drives. if still dont work, try deleting all partitions, then make some new ones then format it when installing xp. as always backup any important files.
  10. SrfGeK

    SrfGeK Guest

    Have definitly been into BIOS about a dozen times. No problems that I can see. I think your right about the partitions. I'll need to resize the partition with XP on it and then see what happens. Need to do it tonight though, have to work today.:(
  11. Lighter

    Lighter . . . . . . . . .

    Bios flashing normally works like a charm without any problems but once in a blue moon it can really fubar your day.

    Before you blast your partitions ('course, this ultimately may be the only fix) unplug your HD --disconnect the IDE cable from the mbr --and start your system. Then shut down, reconnect the drive, boot up and see what happens.

    'Tis the final trouble-shooter before you fdisk. ;)
  12. Krux

    Krux Nissan Powered

    what if you flash your bios back to the version it was b4? maybe some fix in your bios is messing with your hdd or windows xp.
  13. SrfGeK

    SrfGeK Guest

    I'm back to installing Win XP. After trying everything I could try, formatted that partition in fat 32 then reformatted the partition back to NTFS. I tried to reinstall winxp but again no go. Even tried to mover the partition by making it bigger then reinstall but again same problem. So I realized my problem only began when I flashed the BIOS.

    I flashed back to an older BIOS.

    Krux hit it on the nail:happy:

    Lesson learned:cool:

    It's not the worst because my programs and data are all on a different partition but just the hassle of SP1 now.

    I appreciate all the help. This is a great place.
  14. rettahc

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    Can you please post the type of motherboard along with the version of the bios that caused your problem so we can warn others about this isssue.
  15. RaWShadow

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    If your old bios worked fine, then why did you flash it too a newer one? Just cus its the newest? lol.
  16. RogerPhillis

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    Not sure if any help , but the command to fix boot up in XP, is
    Bootcfg /rebuild and Bootcfg /default, for selected boot o/s after fixing ,in the repair section.