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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Rami, Nov 10, 2002.

  1. Rami

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    Hello dear fellows,

    Thank you for your huge effort in this forum, it is truly appreciated.

    My problem is WHENEVER I try to open a program I get the message that says "Windows cannot find file..."

    And everytime, I have to click on "Run As", then OK and everything goes right.. but it's a hectic method..

    Note: When I try to open the control panel I get the message "Windows cannot find file dll32.exe" -- I dunno what's this file :(

    Windows XP


    Thank you..
  2. XP Abuser

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    open The run prompt in start menu then type "sfc /scannow" [without Quotes] and dont forget the space between sfc and the /
    if your computers oem and they set it up right then it should start if you got retail ver of windows stick that cd in and it will monitor the files if that dont work...i think a backup format and clean install is in order:)
  3. yoyo

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    I would try to log in as another user to see if the problem persists. Maybe only your userprofile is damaged. If this and the above suggested "sfc /scannow" does not help you still have the option to repair XP. Boot to the cd and choose the second repair option. This will keep your installed apps and settings intact.