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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by gendr4, Oct 29, 2002.

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    first off, i love this site ever since i got xp pro for my home system anyquestion i come here FIRST. to my question, what is the best website for this kind of info on windows 98 second edition, b/c i have a 98 SE system that is kinda buggy, it runs but some apps don't wanna work anymore and i don't know that much about 98. thanks for for the help.
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    Feel free to ask here and may be one of us will be able to help.
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    first and foremost problem is i can't get works to run, i had 6.0 (i think it was) factory on there on there i upgraded to 2000 from my gateway system and it ran great for a few days now i can't get it to run anymore. and of course the system restore disks from HP forgot to have works on there to restore. i am thinking it is a regisitry error but i can't find the corrupted string. i am having trouble getting my parents to allow me to upgrade them to xp since it is better with theses kinds of things, but their system is only a 466celeron with 196mb ram and no 3d and they are fickle about be tweaking. (because i crashed my systems dozens of times playing with tweaks :p ) what should i do?
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    would be nice to know what error message it is giving you, I would install XP on that system no problems

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    When you say you had Works 6.0 installed and upgraded to 2000, I suppose you are referring to the program Word, which usually is part of the WorksSuite.
    In my experience the Works and Office versions of Word often cause these kind of conflicts, up to the point where Word just refuses to start. Reinstalling the application usually does not help.
    First try to find and rename the file, and restart Word. A new file will be created and the problem may be fixed.
    If not, then the more agressive approach is to start Regedit, find the key HCU\Software\Microsoft\Office\9.0 and rename it to something like Dummy9.0. Then reinstall Word 2000 and hope of a miracle. If so, you can delete the renamed key and continue.
    If not, then I do not know any other resolution than to format and reinstall Windows.

    This problem is, by the way, just as common in WinXP as it is in older versions.