Windows 98 refuses to read cdrs burned in XP

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Buggerlugs, May 26, 2002.

  1. Buggerlugs

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    This is probably a win98 problem, because of how the problem manifests itself but hey, here goes...

    I can create working cdrs using nero 5580 in my windows xp pro which burn and work perfectly well on my pc and my fiance`s windows98se pc.

    However my friends win98 pc refuses point blank to detect the cdrs when he puts them in his cdrom drive. It just spins like its not there at all. Strangley it`ll read normal data cds and dvds perfectly.

    Anyone got any idea`s why his pc is being a bitch? (He certainly is one of those who messes about with problem causing programs like norton and such though!)
  2. Qumahlin

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    Does it refuse to detect ANY burned cd-r's or just your cd-r's?
  3. Buggerlugs

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    It refuses to read any cdrs, including cdrs that it used to be able to read but now can`t access. They just spin and the egg timer sits there and it does nothing.

    I`m wondering if it could be something to do with how windows xp writes cdr`s differently to windows 98se? Although with nero its the same isn`t it, because it uses a nero dll to write completely doing away with the aspi layer.

    Both me and another friend use Nero and windows xp and none of these discs are readable on the dvdrom in question but work perfectly well in our own and other peoples cd/dvdrom drives.
  4. Hipster Doofus

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    Sounds like there is something wrong with your friends win 98 not xp.
  5. Buggerlugs

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    Oh i`d have to agree with that, hes always messing about deleting system files for no good reason, messing with the registry when he has no clue what hes doing and installing problematic programs like norton utillities, not to mention having tons of pointless background apps running.

    I`ve tried to tell him, but some people never seem to learn do they?
  6. Hipster Doofus

    Hipster Doofus Good grief Charlie Brown

    Melbourne Australia
    Best thing you can do for your friend is to teach him how to do a format then tell him to go for it. He'll soon learn what not to do. :D
  7. Bytes Back

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    Probaly more of a hardware probelm than software. Put your CDR drive in his machine and see if it reads then. If it does, then it's not win98.
  8. Da_Big_G

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    There's a fix

    MS recognizes this as a bug and has a fix. Search the MS knowledgebase. Sorry I don't have the link. It worked for me though. I don't know what they did differently in XP, but I've had cdrs be less readable all over the place.
  9. shorty420

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    Re: There's a fix


    i've been having probs too reading burned cd's in xp. it reads music cd's just fine but it won't read backup copies of my games like Sum of All Fears and GTA3. I'm using the newest clonecd to make the cd's and I've heard from a few people that cd's burned with the newest cloneCD don't work properly in some older drives. My Creative 8x burner is the only CD-Rom that I have and it refuses to work on any of the copied game cds.
  10. -[xs]-mirage

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    98 is notorious for this... I should know i am a former 98 deciple (yes i know i should be shot!!) But it has to do with firmware, and how 98 controls the servos in the CD drive. If u really want it to read the cds bad u can mess with servo settings. But!!! I warn u dont if u arent PRO!