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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Nick M, Oct 5, 2002.

  1. Nick M

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    Any ideas where I could obtain this software? Possibly download onto floppy? Anything else? I'm getting a really old rig and I want to install :p
  2. madmatt

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    If you are asking if it is possible to obtain it for free, the answer is no. You would also need a version of MSDOS to install 3.1* since it requires DOS in order to run.
  3. funky dredd

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    Can you wait until monday? I believe I have both in storage - with liscenses (and they are legit). You can have them.....
  4. AlphaGremlin

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    Anyone know any good sites to do with modding 3.1(1)?
    I knew a guy who crammed a working copy of 3.1 onto a single floppy disk, bootable. I would love to hack this OS to pieces. Add crap like themes or whatever. I think you can get a Win32 pack for it. Any sites?
  5. SPeedY_B

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    3.1 on a single floppy!??!?!?!
    i've got my copy here and its spanned over 8!
  6. Bob S

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    I have a copy, plus a copy of Internet Explorer 3.0 (I think) that I could put on a CD. Getting 3.1 on a single floppy I know is not possible. Remember that you also need DOS 6.0, if I do believe.
  7. Mark Richter

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    I had a copy of Windows 3.1 onto 1.6mb

    You had to have DOS installed first
  8. AlphaGremlin

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    I know sort of how he did it. The Setup program is a mini-version of Windows, actually. I think he used the setup kernel and got it to run program manager. I tried it once, and it is under 1.44, but it refused to run anything but the setup program as shell.
    BTW, this guy is senior systems manager for the ANZ bank. He knows his computers.