windows 2k update error

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by greenze, Jul 26, 2002.

  1. greenze

    greenze Guest

    got the error message:;

    Network policy settings prevent you from using Windows Update to download and install updates on your computer.

    If you believe you have received this message in error, please check with your system administrator.

    May i know how to solve the problems?
  2. Trinity

    Trinity Guest

    You may need to log in as Administrator or an account with Administrator rights, sounds like your loggin may be limited.
  3. greenze

    greenze Guest

    already log in administartor account or administrator rights account but still got the same error ....what next ??
  4. vdubVR6

    vdubVR6 Guest

    funny thing that exact thing happend to me a while back on my old 2k box......the only thing i could do was reformat. dont know why or what could have caused it but as soon as they switched over to the v4 d/l site it would not work??
  5. greenze

    greenze Guest

    I cant format my harddisk u do :)
  6. greenze

    greenze Guest

    Any other solutions ?
  7. surge

    surge OSNN Senior Addict

    it could be the avtive X setings, change them in internet options,
    i cant remember where theyare in there tho , as i no longer use Windows also check any policy settings you may have set to restrict downloading of certian files.
  8. Trinity

    Trinity Guest