windows 2000 LAN problem

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by jty202, May 11, 2005.

  1. jty202

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    Hi, I am unable to connect to the internet with a Windows 2000 computer.

    I have a DSL connection and a router to connect three of my computers.

    One of my computer is unable to retrieve information from the internet. Its
    running windows 2000.
    I am able to ping, that's it. When I use IE, Mozilla it sends out a request
    for webpages (because I see activity on the router), but it somehow it
    doesn't get any data and stops all activity. For my other applications like
    Newsgroup reader, FTP software, they are also unable to retrieve any
    When I try to access the windows network group, the computer cannot connect
    to the other computer as well.

    The symptoms is like this. When I make a network request, I see some info
    being send out initially on the LAN connection icon in the systray and then
    suddenly no activity. And the application just times out. But when I ping,
    it works fine. So I am suspecting maybe its a TCP/IP problem or a malware
    have changed some setting?

    Please help and shed some light on this.

    Now I know its not my router or DSL problem because my other computers work.

    Is there something I can do to fix this? Is there a services that I have
    changed to cause this (I tried to disable TCP/IP and then reenable it after
    several restarts and still the symptom persists)? Is this a TCP/IP problem?

    I also use a software using this files ezVidCap.ocx and ezVidC60.ocx ( and
    I heard they are malware)
  2. Steevo

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    Let me get this straight.

    1) You CAN ping another computer on your network. You do get a reply.
    2) You cannot access any network resources on the network.
    3) You cannot access the internet from this computer.
    4) You are on the same IP scheme or are allowing the IP to be configured by DHCP.
    5) You are on the same workgroup.
    6) You have no other active connections listed in Internet options or network connections.
  3. hummunnah

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    Can you give some more information on the topology of your network? does your network use DHCP? Ip of your computer and IP of router and any more information you can give would all be helpful.
  4. j79zlr

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    If you can ping other Pc's in your network, but cannot ping websites, then it sounds like a DNS problem. Is your DHCP server assigning IP's and DNS? Have you configured your DNS manually, IP's manually? More info needed.