WIndows 2000 hardware or software error?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by stevenpyoung, Aug 20, 2003.

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    I am having a serious problem with my Windows 2000 laptop. Every now and then, it just won't start... it goes to a red dialog box before loading Windows stating: Hard drive not installed, reinstall operating system.
    I am unable to reload anything because it will not boot even to a command prompt. When I unplug it for a good while and restart it again (plugged-in) it starts fine.
    Sometimes, I get a STOP ERROR:
    and occassionally, this ERROR:
    0200: Fail fixed disk.
    But, when I wait again to replug and restart it, it starts fine. The laptop is in very good condition. I just recently gave it all of the Windows updates and ran Norton System Utilities completely without any error messages.
    I hate to think that this is a real laptop hardware issue with the motherboard, circuitry or BUS. Any ideas of what this could be?:confused:
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    Just in case you need to know, the laptop is an IBM ThinkPad A22m.