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  1. asiffer

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    Before I went to XP, I set up my small office network with the ability to communicate to other users using winchat. However, XP does not seem to like winchat. Is there a way to get winchat to work on XP, or do I need a different program to communicate. Currently I run XP, ME, and Win98 on the network.

    Al :)
  2. asiffer

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    Where do I find the install info for winchat in XP?
  3. Jewelzz

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    Here's an article that was on the front page about WinChat.
  4. Dick Johnson

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    Thanks to everyone, Al followed the directions and it works perfect. Dick
  5. PostDeals

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    remove winchat

    Does anyone know how i can REMOVE Winchat from a windows 2000 system? I deleted the winchat.exe file but for some reason whenever you type winchat again it opens up i am not sure how its getting that file, i made sure to remove winchat.exe from the hd and yet it comes back anyone know how i can disable it so PEOPLE CAN'T use it to CHAT With other pc's.. (this is for my work they dont want people using it) MSG ME If you can help.

    please email me @ or aim: postdeals if you can help.