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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by ChrissiCom, Jun 15, 2002.

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    Hi there

    I read on the main page that XP has included a chat tool which can be opened by typing "winchat" in start > run... although that program doesn't exist. I have the US version of XP Pro installed with all (also updates applied (except SP1 beta). I also only de-installed MS Messenger and MSN Explorer/IExplorer which shouldn't include this chat. So can someone please help where I can find this chat ?
  2. Lonman

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    It may well be one of the base files for one of those programs you uninstalled. It does exist and on my machine winchat.exe is located in the X:\windows\system32 folder.
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    Really strange it's not in my system32 folder also when I activate the option to show hidden and system protected files. Well, if it's not too big could you please send it to me by mail or upload it somewhere ? I'd love to try that tool.

  4. Lonman

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    I think this is part of the SP1 beta. I just did a search in my archived files and it wasn't there. I fired it up and looked under the 'about chat' section in help and came back with this:

    I don't know if this thing will work without SP1 installed, but you can try. Unrar and copy these files to the following folders:
    Winchat.ini >X:\windows
    winchat.chm > X:\windows\help
    winchat.hlp > X:\windows\help
    winchat.exe > X:\windows\system32 and X:\windows\system32\dllcache
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    I've got Windows XP, and it's on mine. Just typing Winchat through the Run command fires it up straight away. It's a load of rubbish tho, I can see why they didn't bother telling anyone about it lol.
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    This once again is my way of saying NO IT DOES NOT COME ONLY IN SP1... IT IS BUILT INTO A XP INSTALL (CORP, HOME, and PRO)