Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by jem, Jan 19, 2002.

  1. jem

    jem Guest

    I cannot get an audi CD to play properly through Winamp 2.78 at all. It either produces no sound or intermittent sound. MP3 files play perfectly.

    The same CD plays perfectly in Windows Media player.

    Any suggestions?
  2. ZeroChaos

    ZeroChaos Guest

    In Winamp preferences/Setup/File Types, have you enabled Winamp to be associated with CDA files?
  3. jem

    jem Guest

    Yes I have.
  4. Khayman

    Khayman I'm sorry Hal... Political User Folding Team

    try changing the output type to driectsound or waveout
  5. SessedOut

    SessedOut Guest

    I got a similar problem, if someone can help. I can't get audio CDs to play at all in Winamp 2.78. When I click on 'Play Location CD Drive E:" it scans the disc then says "not recognized". Also, I don't have the "Associate with CDA" option, only the other audio file types.

    Should I just try to re-install the program or should I downgrade to 2.77. It worked on 2.77 before. Maybe just a bad install?
  6. jem

    jem Guest

    I'll try changing the output. Meanwhile I've also tried Musicmatch jukebox - it's fine for Audio CD as well.

    Strange problem!