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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by mafiafromrussia, Jun 28, 2002.

  1. lately when i close winamp i get couple of reference error mesages. usually about 2-3 of them. this started to happen couple of days ago. it happens when i'm just listening music or watching movies, when i close it gives me those errors. what could be the problem with it? i got 2.8 version btw
  2. Iceman

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    It would help to know exactly what error messages.
  3. damn now when i try to get that message it doesnt come up. damn windows
  4. Iceman

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    ROFL :D

    Probably never do it again though :D
  5. there it is. got it again :). picture attached
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    I can find nothing referring to that error message anywhere.

    It only happens with winamp? Because "usually" those types of error messages refer to possible bad memory modules, but like I said I could find nothing on that error code. sorry.

    I would uninstall it, and then reinstall it and see if that clears it up. :(
  7. i had no problems with any other programs. but i'll try to reinstall it.
  8. ok that damn bitch. got a new message now. i get
    "runtime error 216 at 00002C5C" what's up with that crap?
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    Winamp is wierd like that. I don't have an exact cure for tat error but I sued to get some sort of error once in a while and usually an uninstall/install fixed it. I think my problems were with plugins I had installed.
  10. Yeah some plugins can be right pains in the arse, perhaphs (if you have any that is) you should attempt to remove them and see if you get the same problem.
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    What plugs are you using?
  12. i thought of the plugin being responsible this morning. so i've uninstalled the latest plug in that i got ,some crosfader. and so far it seems to work fine with out errors. thanks for help
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    Well there's your problem right there.. You're using AOL!!!!!

  14. i dont think that aol is a problem of anykind. and i was just checking out that aol 8.0 there. i actually like aol. getting latest movies and stuff from there is so easy and fast. i dont have it as my isp ofcource, i just use my friend's accounts :) but winamp seems to work normaly after i've uninstalled that crosfader
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    I was joking :) i hate AOL hehe...

    btw, i crash every single time i hit the crossfader button (the X near repeat/shuffle).
  16. i'm not using winamp3 beta. i got 2.8. and aol is really good. at leaast it's email system where u can store hell lot of stuff, plus u can send large attachmets up to 15mb per email
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    If you're having trouble with crossfading, you should try the new winamp beta. The latest beta 3 is very close to a complete product and has crossfading enabled by default. WinAmp3
  18. ...and it's a load of pointless memory grabbing, buggy rubbish.