Winamp Control for Active Desktop !

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Angel333, Feb 13, 2003.

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    So what you've done is create a site, saying that our tutorial is bad, saying that the other method (which we already know about and have discussed on the forums) is better. :rolleyes:
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    :confused: I haven't a clue why you would post this here.
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    I didn't say your tutorial is bad
    I'm new at this forum and I didn't saw that you discussed about this method...
    Everybody who reads your tutorial and not your forum uses the 'old' method

    The website was created because the winamp control...
    That's what many people were asking for!

    I'm sorry if you feel criticized
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    Heh... the link to the "Better way" is 404.
  6. Alex_is_Axel

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    lol i noticed that too Jachyra

    So much for being the "better way" :p .. lol

  7. Angel333

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    Sorry I will fix it...

    You can youse the Howto do link on the top

    Does the rest work ?
    Is the little winamp explantation good enough?
  8. Krux

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    way to welcome the guy to the board gezz he posts a link to a site with usefull info and u guy give him guff about it wtf?? MadMatts tut is good but who said its the best?? and only way to do it?? u ppl sound like MS OUR WAY IS THE ONLY WAY DEATH TO ALL NEW COMERS!!!
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    Thanks man!
    Da world needs more ppl like U
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    Errr.. just for the record, I just pointed out that the link he mentioned was 404... In my book, this isn't trashing somebody :)
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    I couldn't agree more.

    Welcome to the boards, Angel333, and if you can make the process of active desktop better, then so be it. I don't think HTML inventers threw a fit over HTML composing programs. :rolleyes:
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    it's a cool method...but you don't have to list the advantages it has over the NTFS method...sounds really infomercially
  13. Lighter

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    The "advantages" are a per user preference. Both methods yield the same result (a sweet active desktop). It's a matter of choosing which method to utilize.

    Remember, despite what anyone says, is the founder of the *complete* ultimate tweak guide/tutorial to active desktop. I haven't found a competing forum on the web that isn't built on NTFS' original collective efforts.
  14. Angel333

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    First of all: Thanks to everybody...

    The second: I also think that NTFS is the 'founder' of da whole ad stuff...

    And for everyone who's criticizing me:
    Look what is written on the first page: Thanks to NTFS for this milestone...
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    Hi Im new to all this and active desktop in general so please bear with me. Ive followed your steps for this but i seem to get runtime error, object expected whenever I click one of the buttons. secondly I cant seem to get winamp remote to work.
    Any ideas?
    Thanks in Advance
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    Hey angel...don't suppose you could tell me where you got the script for the calendar used in the pic of your current desktop?

    I've been looking for a good one and that one looks pretty nifty.
  17. Angel333

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    Angel333, whats the code to display times for different areas. or is it a program? i noticed you have that on your desktop. thx :)
  19. Angel333

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    I'm adding this script for the times today on my Homepage

    Look there for a download section in some hours...
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    Thanks for the work you have done. I think both tutorials have been of great help and the new way you showed finally helped me get my DHTML Menu working. Thanks :happy: