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    For all those winamp fans out there, here is the latest version of hasn't been posted on the winamp site yet


    Winamp 2.95:
    * startup with hung winamp process in background fixed (opens new instance)
    * CD ripping support in media library (with OGG Vorbis encoding support)
    * Preliminary AAC playback support added to in_mp3.dll
    * ryan fixed shuffle again
    * minibrowser ctrl+l fix
    * media library: lots of bugfixes
    * media library: listener count in internet tv/radio
    * media library: query playback mode preferences
    * media library: skinnable list/treeview selection colors
    * nsv: subtitle bugfixes
    * nsv: more buffering options
    * nsv: shoutcast metadata support
    * nsv: better invalid bitstream handling
    * nsv: better display options
    * nsv: new ASYN aux chunk handling.
    * nsv: support for new extended TOC with frame-accurate seeking
    * video: overlay fixes on 556 and other unusual modes
    * video: drag&drop URL to video window now works.
    * video: subtitle fixes.
    * video: support for alt+enter and alt+f4 to leave fullscreen
    * cdda: bugfixes
    * avs: evallib | and & operator fixes
    * in_vorbis fixes/updated libvorbis to post-1.0 cvs
    * in_midi fixes
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    This was posted on the front page 10 days ago.
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    oh well :)

    i suppose its a good thing i dont spend TOO much time in front of my computer then....

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