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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by skromni, Jan 30, 2002.

  1. skromni

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    On a new HD i would like to put together win98 and XP is this possible? (not to make different partitions), and if its possible a breafly explanations on how to do this would be gratefull :D

  2. noah472

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    I am a wee bit unclear about what you mean here, if you mean that you would like a choice of win 98 and XP when you boot up the comp but dont want to use third party partition software then just follow below... if not just post and i will try and answer it.

    If you want to do it the easy way then all you do is install win 98, then put the xp disk into the comp, it will ask what you want to do so all you do is choose clean install and then it will let you select what size you want the partition to be and it will create, format and install xp. Upon reboot it will give you the choice of xp and win 98 (you can change the default display time and stuff within windows later if you need to) ;)
  3. skromni

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    That was what i was looking for, thx again.

    But probably u can't put them together on the same partition?! is that correct? cos thinking logically win98 is FAt32 and XP is NTFS ?! just need confirmations thx again

  4. allan

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    You may put them on the same disk, just make sure you put them in different folders. And make sure you install 98 first (the oldest os must be installed first)
  5. skromni

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    Thx m8, that was even more what i was looking for :)
  6. feanor

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    you can't you use ntfs if you want win98 to work in the same partition, you have to choose fat32 for xp...
  7. skromni

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    Is there any difference if u install Win98 (Fat32) and WinXP (Fat32) on the same partition ? I mean what is the difference ? whats pro and contra ?

    thx again
  8. feanor

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    well, i wouldn't recommend it unless you really need win98, my friend did this with whistler + win me in the same partition and he ended up all his drivers and apps get mixed somehow...

    my personal advice would be that you don't install win98 at all, it sucks :D

    the biggest contra of having xp with fat32 is that you can't have a partition bigger than 32 GB. if you have a small hard disk fat32 is not a problem
  9. allan

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    As long as they are in different folders there is no difference between putting them on the same partition or different partitions.
  10. skromni

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    Thx a lot to all of u :) its really nice to have all this help :)