Win98 and WinXP on same hard drive

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by simpat1zq, Jun 18, 2002.

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    Last time I formatted my 20 gig HDD, I left a 5 gig partition on there, so I can backup files for when I need to do another clean install and installed WinXP on the other partition.

    Today I right clicked on the 5gig partition in My Computer, and clicked format. It had the option to format it as a FAT32, so I did. This got me wondering if it's possible to now install Win98 on the 5 gig partition.
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    .......... but you'd better off not doing something like that or you won't be able to load XP anymore (or easily) because all MSFT operating systems (re dos to windows) over write the MBR and make that the only OS available (with the exception of 2k and XP installs)

    this is why it's best to install Win98 first, then XP :)
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