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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by navendu, Jul 6, 2002.

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    I am trying to use my IF22-v5 flight simulator (Win95/.98) on Windows XP Home Edition. It worked well for a few hours. However when I was trying to land my aircraft using ILS etc it suddely crashed. The program has not worked since then.

    What actually happens is that the program gets attached as a Process when you see it in the Task Manager, but does not appear in the Applications list. What I feel is that the program is unable to take control of the computer as a foreground task.

    I tried reloading both my operating system (XP) and the software again but no luck. Could someone kindly suggets a solution??

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    Try this:

    Goto the program folder and find the .exe
    Then right clickon the .exe and goto the Compatability Tab
    Select the last operating system it worked on (Likely Win98)
    Try also altering display settings Make them lower.

    Get the latest drivers for ALL of your hardware The 3 most
    common problem causers are Display Adapter, Sound Card,
    and BIOS.

    Forewarning There are some programs that will not work period!
    I have a few i just had to give up untill i made a dual boot system.

    That is your last option Make your system a Dual boot system. You will need to Make partitions ect..

    Here Is a Guide to make a dual Boot system.

    Hope this helps
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    Hey Thanks,

    Maybe the dual boot is the best option. I will try this tonight and post a reply tomorrow.