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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Dlovely, Jun 27, 2003.

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    At work we have 70 notebooks to be rolled out. In the past we would take the hard drives and partition them equally putting the OS on first partition and their personal documents on 2nd partition. Does this make any sense or should it just be one big drive 60GB instead of 2 partitions? Anyone with experience rolling out laptops in the corporate world with any suggestions would be appreciated. They also use to put the paging file on the 2nd partition. I'm just curious to see feedback as to why or what we should do. Keep in mind they are brand new P4 2.2Ghz Compaq notebooks with 60GB drives and 512Mb ram. with Win2k OS.

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    I would set it up with two partitions. As you said, one partition for Windows and software applications; the other partition for documents. The advantage is that if there is a problem with Windows itself, or you are hit by a virus, you could format the first partition without thinking much. All your important documents would still be on the second partition (although backups are still recommended)

    As for the paging file, there isn't any advantage to putting it on the 2nd partition. Since both partitions are on the same physical hard drive, access time isn't reduced. So just leave the pagefile on the primary partition, and let Windows manage the size.

    Good luck! :)