Win2000 ICS Host / XP Pro Client

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by RobAnt, Apr 24, 2002.

  1. RobAnt

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    Trying very hard to get this working, but its simply not.

    I cannot get my XP Pro to obtain an IP address from my 2000 Pro host. ICS seems to me to be properly set up on the 2000 pro machine, as another Windows 98Se PC has no problem.

    If I assign an IP address manually on my XP Pro laptop, I can surf the internet using ICS hosted on the 2000 Pro PC for about 15 seconds, then it stops.

    XP then decides (against my express wishes) that it would rather use diallup and prompts me to use one of its old dialup accounts.

    Obviously, I don't want to delete these, it's a laptop and I might need to log into the internet from another location.

    I can't install my ADSL card in my laptop, and I don't have another XP licence (even if I did, I don't know whether it would solve the problem).

    I seem to have tracked the problem down to either the mini DHCP server in the 2000 pro machine, or the DHCP client in the XP Pro machine (probably the latter).

    Anyone have any ideas how I progress further?

    As I say, if I use a fixed IP I can get it to work for about 15 seconds, but that's it.

  2. redsolar

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    Set static ip addresses on all machines for the local area connection. Saves much headache.

    Put them from 192.168.0.x pool, with subnet and default gateway set to, which should be the address of the lan card on the windows 2000 box

    Also, do ipconfig /all on the 2000 box from cmd.exe to find dns addresses, and put them like that on all clients.

    Note: LAN NIC on 2000 should have only IP and subnet That's all. Nothing else on in, neither gateway (as it is the one by itself) neither DNS.

    Good luck