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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by fedele, Jul 20, 2002.

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    This is my first post for a question I need to ask and I'd like to thank you all for this great site.

    I hope someone can help me figure out what is wrong with my WIN XP. I used to have WIN ME. Bought XP and after a clean install, I run all the updates from MS site. Update all was good back then. A couple of weeks went by without problems. Then suddenly I get two separate errors:
    1. Ocassionally, when I boot, windows tells me that one of my hard disks needs to be checked for consisteny. OK, I let XP do that.

    2.XP freezes. Not even CTRL+ALT+DEL works on the thing. Must use the reset button. System reboots and Windows tells me that the program has recovered from a serious crash. I inform MS about it.

    Then after this is repeated ocasionally on various reboots, one day I shut down at night, and the next morning boom!!, I can't boot windows. Says some files are corrupted for a brief half a sec, can't read what it is. Safe mode doesn't work. Tried booting with a WIN ME BOOT floppy, can't do because I formated my HDD with NTFS format. Tried the boot disk from XP doesn't work because it's only for installing XP and the repair in there didn't work, it took me to command prompt after I loaded 6 disks. Then I tried the repair install by booting from cd, and in the middle of the process simply freezes. I got pissed and format C: and E: both to NTFS (after backup in CDR's!!) I simply had to reinstall everything. There was just no way I can get XP to boot after this error.

    I have:
    Biostar M7VKD, Athlon 1.3GHZ, Geforce 4ti4200,SBlive,CDRW and DVD drive,512 RAM, 2x Maxtor 40 gig HDD's, PSUenermax 350 watt.
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    similar prob

    i had a similar problem but not the error messages you were talking about. i had to format and reinstall xp when a little problem came out of nowhere... when i had logged in to my account it started up nicely but after everything was loaded a bluscreen showed its ugly face and shutted down the computer after 2-3 sec. wierd... :confused:
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    you should run a hardware diagnostic on your hardrive to make sure everything is working fine at the harware level. sounds like a failed HD to me.
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    do you remember if you updated or installed any new drivers right before you encountered this problem?
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    i installed sb live! sound drivers... so i think it was those that make my computer feel sick... i dont think my new 80gig maxtor drive is faily...
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    How long have you had the HDs?

    Did you do a Surface Scan of the HD with the OS on it?

    I had an IBM HD that went bad after only 4 Months (I was running 98SE on it). It started doing weired stuff at bootup then wouldn't boot anymore. I'd get an error message stating that files were corrupted. I did a reformat and had all kinds of bad Sectors on the HD.

    Also check all connections to and from the HDs (at the HDs and at the MoBo).
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    i´ve checked and its ok but if it will go bad some time its a rental home pc from my fathers work so they will just change the hd for me... :D :D :D i like that
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    audigy now what?

    thanks again for replies:

    HDD's are fine, I used maxtor's diagnostic tool. I downloaded it from their website. I ran a complete test took 30 min each drive :-(

    The system has been stable until I upgraded to SB Audigy. these cards have no XP drivers in original cd, so I just downloaded the patch..... , XP recognized the new hardware, I put the cd in my drive, comence installation , it gets almost done (97%) then the computer crashed...DANG! I screen tells me there's a driver messing up things. reboot again in safe mode...unisnstall drivers....reboot in normal mode...XP recognized the new hardware, I put the cd in my drive, comence installation , it gets almost done (97%) then the computer crashed...DANG!

    I just went to sleep...dreamed of beer and naked women....
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    My soundcard is just a plain old creative SB Live! I did have a few problems to start with but downloaded offical drivers and works fine most of the time until ***** (THE COMPUTER) starts playing up!
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    London England
    For what it's worth I've had similar problems form out of the blue.

    No hardware or software changes you shut the machine down and can't get XP to boot.

    This has happened so many times on my machine that I suspect something is corrupting the registry when the machine is turned off. I only use drivers that come with XP or signed drivers from the microsoft beast! Even with no third party software installed this has happened.

    My guess is it's related to some sort of hardware problem, possibly/maybe write behind caching or an incompatibility yet to be detected with some hard drives/chipsets and the operating system. However as this uses transactions to write to the drive it's going to be difficult to trace as some modern IDE drives have a similar internal writing proceedure and can signal a sucessful write when one is actually pending.

    The XP shut down proceedure is something I'm not familiar with, maybe some of the XP experts can help?
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    Look around the forum, there is a thread or two about the SB Audigy and XP. Can't remember right now which one it was. But there is one or two on the Forum about that config.

    Don't know if the Search is working right now though. So ya might have to do it the old fashion way.