Win XP - Reinstall with new Mobo?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by sammy5gs, Jul 27, 2002.

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    Hey Guys....

    I am currently building a PC with a new mobo, and I currently have WinXP on my current IDD, which I was going to hook up in the new pc. Anywho, I was hoping to get your thoughts on the feasibility of installing a new mobo without re-installing WinXP? I heard a lot of bad things about not re-installing, but I have everything I want/need on my current IDD, that it would be a real pain if I have to reinstall XP, then all the apps, games I currently have on the IDD. The one thing I did hear was that if I eliminate the Enum Folder in the Registry (under Local Settings), that upon reboot Windows would automatically detect the new settings with the mobo.

    Anywho, if it makes sense, I will definately reinstall, but just wanted your feedback. Your suggestions/advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Behemoth

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    You are goingto have to re-install eerything, from scratch, I had to do this ymself when I got my new motherboard a copule of months ago. Windows XP doesn't seem to like bening dropped in from 1 motherboard to another.
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    Thanks for your input, Behemoth.
  4. Henyman

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    u could try it without reinstalling,but i would highly recomend reinstalling 2 be safe + save any problem's.
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    You can try but I found out the hard way, last week. Other posts indicated that 1st boot to XP after upgrade should be to the XP CD. Then choose REPAIR, not the first selection but after XP start up screen. This will give you an option to install a new copy or repair an existing one. The routine ran, but BSOD on reboot. Eventually, I reinstalled Windows over itself on the same partition. This adds a clean copy of XP but does not reformat or lose other folders. Obviously, all programs require a reinstall. If you save settings and docs a clean NTFS reformat is a better choice.

    good luck.