win xp pro profile ...gone poof!!!!

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by TuMbRaS, May 16, 2002.

  1. TuMbRaS

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    I have a buddy that recently had some problems with logging into his pc...when he went to reboot .. his profile icon dissapeared from the login screen. i had him login with a secondary admin account..and change his login to the traditional CTRL+ALT+DEL ... when he attempts to enter his username/password he gets the error msg: "the local policy of this system does not permit you to logon interactively."...but when he logs onto using a secondary administrative account..he can see his profile folder and all the folders associated with his profile, he just cant login as himself.

    i also had him rename his profile folder and then reboot
    and try to login using his no avail...still wont let him login...

    so, is this perhaps an issue with the registry??and might there be a tweak involved..or with the group policy editor...?/

    any ideas as to how he can restore his login icon???

    thanks in advance...

  2. Qumahlin

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    Sounds like his profile somehow got corrupted, have him login as the actual administrator account (the one named administrator) and look over and see fi anything got changed or such...have him do a sys restore if possible...if not..always the good ole back up and then recreate user :)
  3. TuMbRaS

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    yeah..i think we are almost at that point..where he will have to create a new account... it's just an incovenience that he will have recreate all his settings again.. outlook, desktop etc... unless there is a way to copy or replicate those settings- like inheriting or mporting maybe?? i havent tinkered with that as much so any additional advice would be good...

    oh..and he didnt have sys restore well..

    thanks for the suggy qumahlin...

    anyone else with ideas??

  4. TuMbRaS

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    does anyone have an idea or know of a way of possibly importing profile seetings?? it would be easy enough to copy over the desktop settings ...but how about settings like outlook and outlook express?? is there anyway to be able to transfer these settings...including the address book and messages of another user (who was admin on the pc)?? i have tried this on my pc..but it would not allow me to gain access to these said that access was denied...similar to what is happening with my friend right now..

    review my original post up top to see what my dilemma is...

    thanks again everyone!!!

  5. Hipster Doofus

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    He's not using a tweak program is he? If so check the settings in there first.
  6. open_source

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    As far as outlook goes just copy over the outlook.pst file in that profile. This contains all of the outlook settings, messeges, address book, etc.