Win XP Pro Boot Cycle Help!!!

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by totoru, Jun 19, 2002.

  1. totoru

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    My Win XP Pro PC have a hard time starting up! IT booted up to "Loading Your Personal Setting" screen then the regular screen showed up but without any icons or shortcuts. After about ten secs, it went to "Logging Off...." screen then "Saving Your Personal Setting" and followed by "Loading Your Personal Setting" and on and on and on in a endless cycle with these three screens.

    I have put consider amount of time installing and setting up this PC and I don't want go thru that again!!!

    Please Help!!!
  2. Eolis

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    Can you start in safe mode???
  3. totoru

    totoru Guest

    Yes, I tried use system restore went back to five days ago then restart but still the same as before.:(
  4. msconfig? unplug all non-essential peripherals?

    Hi All,

    Did you try unplugging all non-essential peripherals and doing a clean boot? no services/startup items loading then booting back into normal mode?
  5. totoru

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    Hi, Stone

    I have yet to try the method you suggested. Thanx for your time and suggestion. I am kind given up on it and resigned to the fact that I will have to reinstall and setup XP again. I did find from ntbtload.txt in the recovery console that after initial boot, when "amdagp.sys" loaded, all the drivers after tht would not load and just keep trying to load in a state of loop. Maybe that's something I can build on....