Win XP not recognizing USB game controller

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by potator, Aug 22, 2002.

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    Can anyone help me? When I plug in a usb game controller, winXP recognizes it, but says there was a problem during installation, and that it won't work properly. The controller is represented in device manager with an exlamation mark meaning there's a problem with it. It also doesn't show up in the game controllers either. I tried it on my windows 2000 machine and it worked fine. I know my computer with WinXP works fine since I've used controllers (usb) on it before. I had a problem like this in the past with my MS sidewinder usb, and I just waited over night and plugged it in in the morning, and it worked fine. So I tried doing the same with this, but even after I left it off overnight and tried it, I had no luck. I looked up on the MS help pages, and it seems that it can be a static problem. They say I need to get rid of the static charge, and I followed their methods, but none worked. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Here is the link to the MS help page that I've tried everything on to do, but still didn't solve the issue. Thanks again in advance.;en-us;Q320554
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    ok try this, go into the bios and see if the usb support is turned on its worth a try if it isnt then enable it if you are not sure of the workings of the bios then get back to here and we will try to help you out:D
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    Wow, thx for replying to my post. As for the bios thing, yeah, its enabled alright, I use a usb mouse on there all the time. And the thing is, winXP will detect the controller when I first plug it in, but upon trying to install it after detection, it fails and tells me "There was an error during installation. This device might not work properly." I've tried everything to remove any static or what not as mentioned in the MS help page, but none of them solved the problem. :(
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    its probably not supported by winxp maybe
    my usb webcam does the same thing
    do you have the "safely remove hardware" icon in systray?
    did you install the drivers for the gamepad?
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    Yeah, I'm most certain that it's supported by winXP. I've read reviews by people using winXP, and they got it to to work beautifully. I don't see any safely remove hardware on devices such as mice or controllers, and only saw them when I had things usb video capture devices plugged in. What happens is, windows XP first detects it when I plug in the controller, and it seems like it's going fine, setting it up, but almost as the process is over, a message comes out and says "There has been a problem during your hardware installation. This device may not work properly." and after that, all it gives me is a yellow exclamation point in device manager under Human Interface Devices. Thanks for trying to help.