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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by krimson, Oct 10, 2002.

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    Recently my pc just keeps rebooting for no reason. It started while I was playing Soldier of Fortune 2. I would get an error message saying that the game has performed an error and needed to shutdown. Then it progressed to rebooting. Now just about any task I do XP reboots. Copy files, reboot. Perform some task, reboot. It's driving me crazy! It has just started all of a sudden. Ihave not added any new programs or anything. Could it be an issue with some bad memory? Looking for any advice. Thanks.

    My system
    Windows XP pro
    Athlon 1800+
    Gigabyte 7VTXE mb
    768 mb Crucial ddr
    Volcano 7 hs w/arctic silver
    Enermax ps 430 watt
    Sony cd/dvd rom
    Plextor cd burner
    Seagate 'cuda 40 gb hd
    IBM deskstar 40 gb hd
    Leadtek geforce4 4600
    Sound Blaster audigy mp3
    CoolerMaster atc-101 sx4 alumn. case

    Well thats the bulk of it.
  2. the_tazinator

    the_tazinator Are we there yet?

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    Turn off "restart on system failure"

    right click on My Computer => Properties => Advanced Tab => Setting under Startup and recovery => System Failure uncheck automaticly restart.

    If the rebooting is caused by an error this will atleast let you know why it is rebooting. Then all you have to do is figure out where your error is.
  3. krimson

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    O.K. I did that. Each error that I've gotten is different. There all stop errors, but the files or drivers are different. One is ntfs.sys, one is tcpip.sys and one was win32.sys. Could all these files be bad? I just used the recovery program that came in xp, so all those files should be o.k.? But still getting errors. Could a bad stick of memory cause this?
  4. G-Lizard86

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    a friend of mine has the same error....over and over again the ntfs.sys error.....he thinks he has a damaged harddrive or something....could that be it?
  5. krimson

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    Well I hope not. This is already the second hard drive. The Seagate I just put in about 3 months ago. The first one, an IBM, lasted about 5 months. I'm not sure why that one crashed, but if I recall I might have had a few reboots in a row just before that one died.
  6. krimson

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    I think I've found the prob, A fualty stick of ram.