Win XP(Home) & Win98SE Network Problem

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by quietstorm, Nov 22, 2002.

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    I have looked over this forum and I still can not find an answer to my problem(s)

    I had a home network on two of my computers at home. Since I upgraded my Win XP Home edition to SP1 and upgraded the Win98SE to internet 6.0, I have lost my home networking!

    Can some email me in detail, how to un-install from both computers and reinstall for both computers again!

    I have used both wizards and it still does not help!

    Any other tips or information will be greatly appreciative!

    Of course I am using the XP computer as the main and the Win computer as the other!

  2. What do you mean by lost your home networking? If 2 machines are plugged both into a hub/switch then they are networked.

    Do you mean sharing an internet connection?
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    I can not get them to recognize each other and yes..I can not get a internet connection or email on the Win98SE computer!

    I am using ethernet cards and no hub!

    That is why I need to know how to un-install and re-install!

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    DUMB ME!!!
    I found the problem!!

    Sorry if I "jump in" too quick!

    Thanks to all that emailed me and posted here!!

    I have been at this for a week and it was a matter of a simple check box!

    Now I can get some sleep and not to w-o-r-r-y!!

    Thanks again!! :)