win XP freezes after exiting CS and MOHAA. HELP?

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by chrono, Mar 14, 2002.

  1. chrono

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    Hi, my cpu just plain freezes, after I click the exit button in Counter Strike and MOHAA .. sometimes it's fine. sometimes it's not. I run a p4 1.7, 1024 RAM, Nvidea Riva TNT2 Model 64 , 2312 drivers. anyone help?
  2. Misfire

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    sometimes cs or mohaa will still be running after you exit so open task manager and end those processes. they take up the cpu
  3. chrono

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    the problem is, the task manager wont open, and my mouse is frozen. I have to actually turn off my power bar to reset my comp.
  4. Sage

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    For Counter Strike before you exit pull down the console and type exit - no more freeze up

    As for MOHAA - ?
  5. GoNz0

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    the year 2525
    try dropping back to 23:11 drivers..
  6. chrono

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    the 11 drivers were even worse, MOHAA would freeze my machine as soon as I opened it , let alone closing it.
  7. DeviLduck

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    You might want to try these Drivers, very stable & fast.

    The NEW Dets, 27.52, seem to be the first drivers that truly work well, since the 23.xx & 26.xx series.

    Link at Maximum Reboot website or,9447,

    Up until now, I'd found the 26.53 to be the most stable & best performers, of all releases, incl 27.70. All previous 27.xx drivers caused problems or were poor performers.

    Finally, we're getting closer to real fine finished drivers, as these are most stable & fast. Tested RTCW & MOHAA with excellent results. 3DMark2001se close to highest score with 26.53 drivers. (8911 for 27.52)

    Since this is a multi-language release, the Nview files may not work, but so what. nview.dll, nvshell.dll, & dmcpl.exe are listed as "unavailable" in Driver version information window. (When updating, you can choose to keep the older eng nview files, but I didn't.)

    Sys: GF3T5, P4, rdram, Abit TH7II
  8. chrono

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    oh man, installing those drivers you told me was horrible. i got a blue screen right afterwards, and even at reboots!! I couldnt get into windows, even in safe mode!!! after about the 5th restart it worked.. so i could roll back the drivers. seems fine now
  9. HognutZ

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    you could give the 21.85 drivers a try. They are probably the fastest.. and at least for myself the most stable. I have had simular problems with quake3 with the 23.11's. Since Ive put on the other drivers no problems at all and Im pushing over 200+ fps in q3. :)
  10. DeviLduck

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    The problem may not be strickly a DRIVER version problem.

    Here is link for Nvidia drivers, going back to 12.41:

    Here is old article from Anand site, good for info:

    When trying different drivers, make sure you're uninstalling completely, including manual deleting of files & reg entries. I uninstall from control panel/add/remove software, reboot immediately into safe mode, switch to generic vga driver, insure all traces of old driver are gone, finally install new driver of interest. Many drivers are better installed by finding the inf file in their appropriate folder, as opposed to using the auto exe process. It goes without saying, during this process, no OC of cpu or vid card, & all vid card utilities uninstalled, & anti-virus disabled, latest mouse drivers installed.

    Find a driver that works, using lowest parameters, e.g., 16 bit, refresh rate 60, 640 screen, etc., as a starting point. (with those games you mentioned) This is important, so you can rule out other possible hardware/software problems, you may be having. If you cannot get the 23.11 drivers to work, with basic low parameters, solidly, then you need to look at the older drivers & other issues, e.g., mobo bios setup & quality of your Memory. Mem modules are common cause of many problems attributed to vid card drivers.

    For your card, the older Nvidia drivers may be your best shot. Without more info about your sys & OS, this is what comes to mind. What is your card manu?
  11. eGoalter

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    the 21.85 are the best for me too...very very stable,even under heavy tweaking....