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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by jasonb, Jul 4, 2002.

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    ok everytime i connect to the internet in win 98 using dial up those two little monitor blinking on the bottom comes on each connection that i installed win xp i always had to go to the dial up properties and check the box to make it show on the won't come on automatically!! anyone know how to permanently make those blinking monitor come on automatically??
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    statbar? nah i dont feel like having another program installed i just want the normal little blinking monitors.....anyone else know how to make it automatically show up on every connections??
  4. Go to control panel > network connections> right click on you're modem or Dial Up connection, then check the following 'Show icon in notification area when connected'. This also works for lan connections, just right click ur nic card from ctrl panel and check that option.
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    That's what i always do control panel>dial up properties>then i check the show notification....then it would show but when i log off and reconnect i have to do the whole process again....why won't it go on automatically on each connections!!!
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    do you log in as Administrator ?

    Maybe the problem you encounter has to do with user profile or restictions attached to it...

    I for myself don't have this prob., "the normal little blinking monitors" always appear when I connect to the Net !
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    no i log in as jason (my name) would this make a difference since i think i have the same privelidges as the admisnistrator plus everytime i log on i'm automatically log on as jason
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    i know, windows xp forgets for some reason, for example the quick lauch toolbar wouldnt load and with outlook, i had to check remember my username and password everytime i ran outlook. I dont know why but for some reason now it actually does remeber everything i do. Just go to windows update and get all the updates.
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    i don't think win xp forgets i think win xp has more support on high speed internet. I reinstalled xp several times and still wouldnt show the blinking lights