Win freezes after reboot

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by jealousy, Jul 3, 2002.

  1. jealousy

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    Sometimes windows freezes after reboot (or just startup). averything loads ok, all processes and startup programs... and then it freezes. cant do anything. even Ctrl+Alt+Del doesn`t work... Tried waiting until it "comes back" but i have no time for this (once waited for 10mins) so restarting PC. sometimes i have to restart it several times...

    System: DeLL Dimension P4 1.6G 640mb, WindowsXP Pro, "innocent" startup programms (little progs that just can`t couse the freezing)
  2. I pressume you've run clean-up, scan disk, defrag etc?
  3. jealousy

    jealousy Guest

    yup. cleaned etc everything
  4. What about restore points? I'm not sure myself how to do this tho, i've never done it before, it's pretty easy tho i think
  5. jealousy

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    it was that way all the time, so no use of restoring....
  6. Have you opened your case and checked that the processor fan is still going round and that it's not blocked or anything?
  7. jealousy

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    nope, but the pc is only 3 weeks "old" ...
  8. It's worth a try, just in case. Sometimes the wires (if not tied up properly) can block the fan. It's at least worth a try, you can then rule out the processor overheating.
  9. fatboy

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    I've had this problem and it turned out to be a bad stick of ram
    try another stick if thats possible, or contact who you bought it off
    if its only 3 week old.
  10. Bretenn

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    hav u ever think it would be your driver problem..?? i had a similar problem that i need to wait 10 minutes b4 the pc can restart or shutdown...

    after checking all the things including hardware, software, and driver, i manage to identify the problem which is the creative "devldr.exe". After i had update and fix that driver problem..... my com return to normal.........
  11. Heineken Man

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    Fatboy hit the nail on the head. When windows XP locks up on boot up it is usually one of two things, bad(incompatible) Ram or Graphic card. At my work we upgraded to XP on around 400 PC's and we ran into this problem in about 30% of them. Replacing the ram cured most of the systems on the others we had to replace the video cards. What was bad it was about 12 hours of headache before we figured that out.:cool:
  12. chainsaw

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    I am having the same problem, when I reboot it takes about 3 mins for me to access everything, I have norton internet security and that is disabled when I start up.
    In my event viewer there are details relating to when I shut down, saying something was using the registry when I was shutting down...

    Is this a Norton Problem?