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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by jeswin12, Feb 22, 2002.

  1. jeswin12

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    I have Windows XP professional. I need to install win 98 now.. is there a way that i can install win 98, without partioning the hard disk...??
  2. = Indy =

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    NO m8, you cant install 98 on the same partition as XP.

    Do you need dual boot or do you just want 98?

    If you upgraded 98 to XP then you can revert back to 98 by uninstalling XP in add/remove programs.

    If you want dual boot, then you will need to partition the hard drive and use a boot manager prog.
    (Unless you install 98 first)
  3. DarkSiege

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    Indy's right, you either have to install 98 first for dual boot or parition your hard drive to install it...
  4. sparky

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    if theres something that wont work under xp ,have you tried the compatability mode in xp to get the programme working
  5. jeswin12

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    where is that "compatability mode" located :confused:
  6. jeswin12

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    i had win 2000 prof and then upgraded to XP.. now when my system starts, it directly goes to XP splash screen... the area where i can select an OS isnt there.. is there a way to set up that "select screen" b4 the xp splash screen... so that i can choose which one i want ??
  7. DarkSiege

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    jeswin12, you can set that by right clicking My computer/properties/advanced tab/under startup and recovery, settings...there ya go
  8. sparky

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    hi jeswin
    probably the easiest way for you to get to the campatabliity mode is to go t o the help and support (its in the control panel) and type compatability into the box just follow the links from there.incidently if you upgraded to xp from 2000 then you wont be able to boot from 2000 the only way to dual boot is to have xp on a separate partition and then what darkseige was saying will work:D