Win 98 better than Windows XP ??

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by gigitek, Sep 2, 2002.

  1. gigitek

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    after me XP is a big mambo jombo. it looks great but it is full of
    i have a AMD duron at 900 MHz, GeForce 2 400MX, with 160 RAM
    Quake 3 arena has about 90 fps under win 98 and under XP 45 fps(!!!!!). and a ot of games don't work under 98!!!
    under 98 i was listening to music, a film was playing in the background and i was copying a CD. all was fine.
    BUT under XP i couldnt listen to music and copy a CD at the same time!!!!
    im dissapointed!!
  2. pothitos

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    Definately not Win ME that was probably the worst OS they made
  3. AMDs have smaller bus speeds ie. they can handle alot of small data very quickly.

    So of course they would love 98.

    XP on the other hand has alot more crap hanging around so P4s(with big buses) eat it up.

    Just recently tho, a friend came to me with a problem.

    <tehgod> i got problems with XP
    <tehgod> it minimizes games like GTA3 and war3 on start up and change of game resolutions

    I dont know how to fix this as his previous OS was 98. I cant imagine xp does this.... anybody got a fix?
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    I don't do much gaming on my XP Pro machine, I have a Dreamcast (collecting dust), PS2, and xBox. My XP Pro machine came with WinME, which was okay, but unstable. I upgraded it to XP Pro last November, and after using it for almost a year now, it runs a lot better than WinME ever did. I later converted my file system to NTFS.

    My other computers had Windows 9x on them, and I clean installed Windows 2000 Professional, which ran a lot better also. They were a little too old for WinXP.
  5. koko

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    gigatek, sounds like you are in need of a serious upgrade. ya know, even microshaft says that you need a minimum of 128mb of ram to run the os.

    you only have 160? i have 1gb of ram....and zero complaints about xp. it is, by far, the best os that ms has put out...period!
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  7. gigitek

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    r u a gamer ? do u have that computer only for playing games ? just asking...
  8. Geffy

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    Gotta Love XP, I have had it nearly 6 months and only had to do one reinstall. I had to do that as I changed my audio drivers so frequently, changed from normal win2k Audigy to winXP audigy to the new MDP drivers. Think there may have been conflicts as it wasnt as stable after the MDP ones, reinstalled and all is spiffin.
  9. fedele

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    philmarcracken: It could be related to a background program that minimizes your game to request an instruction like a firewall or AV software. it happens to me when I try to play online games the firewall ZoneAlarm requests permission for the game to access the internet. It minimizes the game and brings up a pop up 2 cents
  10. chadmercer

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    windows xp is my pick for favourite os
  11. Geffy

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    If I were to rate them in order it would be

    1. Windows XP
    2. Windows 98 (SE)
    10,597,947. Windows Millennium Edition (I hate ME)
  12. gilgamex

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    I found in pretty much all of my Benchmarks, XP ran a little faster than 98SE. This was a breakthrough moment for me because until XP, 98SE was by far the fastest gaming platform for windows. I used to dual boot, but XP has run so well I finally got rid of the 98 partition and run soley XP Pro. XP is a memory hog, so 160 MB of RAM will not be optimal. There are a handfull of tweaks and services that can be disabled in XP to free up some memory for low mem system like yours. Why you would be getting such horrible performance with Quake3 might be driver related. Please tell me you aren't using the native nvidia drivers. Try the newest reference drivers and see if it helps. Also, install the newest drivers for your motherboard's chipset (i.e. VIA, Intel, SIS, Ali, AMD, etc...). This always help with stability and overall system performance.

    Good luck.
  13. Sazar

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    with my current computer I love winxp...

    I dual booted with winxp and win2k... but then went to winxp only..

    I did not like win98 or 98se... neither did I like winME...

    if I did not have a rig that could handle the o/s... I would stick with win2k... very stable and did everything that I wanted from it.

    but I love the visual features and the amount I can customize winxp...

    recommended for multitasking with winxp I would say at LEAST 256mb RAM...

    if you have more than 512 and are not into video editing or something like that you are not likely to use any of that EXTRA memory...

    but it does look good in your sig..
  14. gigitek

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    tks for the tips sazar & gilgamex .
    recently i've downloaded the detonator and personal cinema drivers for my video card and the motherbord's drivers ( via 4 in 1 v 4.37) so i have 90 fps in quake under windows XP. i think i'll buy some more RAm one of this days ... when my buget can afford it...:( :(
  15. Supplicium

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    Linux is better than 98 but i found with my PC when i dual boot XP Pro and Linux Xp becomes much more stable and faster plus i can switch from xp to linux and back without a shgut down or restart. So if i need to burn something, listen to music and defrag the hd i do all that on linux and play cs on xp.
    XP + Linux is the best for me
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    wasn't windows 2000 one of the best....? it was really stable..... still is.... i mean... if u like xp, then u hafta love 2000... cause xp was based off 2000...
  17. Kuja

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    2k all the way!!!!!!!!!!

    since its not on there, 2k + xp dual boot for me, and second choice would be 98se.
  18. XP Abuser

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    xp is the best os ive tried win ME had so many bluescreens it just pissed me off so i got xp pro works great no blue screens except ez cd creator 5 which was nothing to do with xp (got the patch) and it works fine under my 256mb ram and 1500+ xp athlon
  19. vdubVR6

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    Yep I would have to say the only OS that I would install would have to be either win2k or XP pro. I like win98se but not enough to install it again and as for ME yuck!!! throw that in the trash.:D I am wanting to try Linx still, so this may all change.
  20. dabomb

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    xp all the way to baghdad and back :D