Win 2000 with NTFS v3.1 ?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by tr8er, Jan 3, 2003.

  1. tr8er

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    today I noticed something very interisting.
    A friend of mine is running Win 2000 with NTFS v3.1 !
    This told me Partition Magic v7.0 .
    So I am confused, I exepcted Win 2000 uses NTFS v3.0 and not 3.1 . At least I am using Win 2000 and Partition Magic tells me every time NTFS v3.0 !
    I am pretty sure he hasn't converted it with a partition programm.
    As far as I know WinXP has NTFS v3.1 and NT4 has v1.2 .
    He never upgraded or revised an upgrade to another OS.

    So I would be interested how this is possible.
    Is it possible by a MS Windows Update ? I checked all but didn't find one concerning this issue.
    If anybody of you could give me an advise, suggestion or something else, I would thank him very much.

    By the way, NTFS v3.1 is safer than v3.0 ... so an update might be useful.

    Best regards and happy new year
  2. TechSupport

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    created and formatted the drive using an xp cd and then proceeded to install win2k?
  3. tr8er

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    No, that's not the case.
    Sorry, it happend after installation process, that's sure.

    Best regards