Wildtangent? WTF?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by apu95, Mar 24, 2003.

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    i just scanned with AdAware6 and it found an enormous amount of entries with a certain wildtangent thing. ive never used it and never heard of it either. i searched in google and its some kind of gaming thing. can i erase these safely? or are they needed by some program?

    i only have gamespy to look for servers so i dont know what else it could be involved with.

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    WildTangent is used by Winamp.. from my experience and should be able to be easily removed from the add and remove programs and would be best to remove it from adaware with what it finds of it. It should be safe to remove it if you arnt using it. From what i remember, it was used for me with Winamp because it made visualizations and i played games using the WildTangent thingy (it does have some good Visualization thingys on it though) :p

    Hope this helps

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    go for it. i didnt have any problems deleting it
  4. Go to Wildtangent.com. They have some really cool games there. It's like a flash player for there games. It's very harmless unless it's not made by them. Check your control panel and see if it's there, if it is, then it's safe and allows you to play there games online.