Wierd Xp Install HELP!!!!!

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by DragonHeart, Feb 15, 2003.

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    Hope someone can help me again, i seem to be getting alot of problems, ive just had to reformat both my HD due to complete OS error, one is 40 gig and second is 30gig, i havent changed any jumper settins or anything just deleted and resinstalled windows, on the main 40 gig HD, but for some reason the second HD which is 30 gig is not showin as present??? please help what can i do to rectify this ??? as it was working ok before.

    Ive tried to go into bios but cant seem to get to access it from startup,is thier a way to get into it from windows ? or some software i can use which will help me ??

    Or do i need to run fdisk to solve it and if so how ?

    Any Suggestions !!!!!!!!!

    Thx for ur time its very much appreciated
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    When you formatted did you give the drive a file system?
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    If you installed the OS with a FAT32 files system it will not recognize NTFS.( if that was what the other drive was)

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